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Outsourced CPA Services

Taxes are complicated and many business owners struggle to understand what their tax liabilities are. We have experienced CPAs to help hand hold you through all of the tax talk. 

The expert accountant

The ends and outs of tax codes and returns means that using a CPA can save you time, avoid DIY errors, reduce stress, and potentially uncover tax savings.
Cpa And Tax Planning

Making Taxes easy!

Business Structure Llc Scorp Llp

We can do it for you

  • Explain the difference between legal structures
  • S Corp elections
  • DBA name changes
  • Multi-state returns
  • Tax advice for exit strategy
  • Checklist of common tax deductions for your industry

CPA services

Consulting Preparation Assurance

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Business Structure

Picking the right business structure and discussion of how it will effect your tax burden.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Tax Planning

We make sure that all elements work together to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax breaks.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Tax Return Preparation

Income taxes might only be on your mind at the end of the year but we make sure you are a priority all year so there are no surprises. We create a detailed checklist for you to work through and bring to us.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Asset Protection

Developing sensible strategies to ensure that your personal and business assets are protected.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Audits / POA

CPAs can communicate on your behalf and represent you in meetings or hearings.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Tax Deductions

Not all expenses are tax deductible. We know which ones are and will provide a checklist of common deductions for your industry.

CPA | CFO | BOOKKEEPER - Which do I need?

Unsure whether to hire a CPA or CFO or a Bookkeeper? Here’s the difference between the three.


  • Prepares company financial statement
  • Analyzes cost of operations: assess risks and implements controls
  • Prepares adjusting entries for month end
  • Drives strategy by aiding business owner in understanding the impact of financial decisions
  • Prepares monthly, quarterly, annual internal tax filings


  • Preparation of corporate taxes
  • Tax planning
  • Sale of business / retirement
  • Income tax review
  • Preparation of asset and depreciation schedules


  • Records financial transactions
  • Completes payroll
  • Produces invoices
  • Pays bills
  • Maintains and reconciles general ledgers and historical accounts

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What types of clients do you work with?

We work with all types of clients including nonprofit, construction, retail, manufacturers, etc..

What happens if I get audited?

We provide on-going support so if you have a serious issue like being audited, you want a CPA who is willing to stand by you and represent you. CPAs are the only people allowed to represent you in court.

What entity should I choose for my business?

We will describe the differences and review business structures to help determine your projected business longevity and the various ways you can be taxed.

How much of a salary should S Corp take?

While there is no exact formula, we can help determine reasonable compensation based on expectations and profitability.

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