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Outsourced CFO Services

Are you making decisions that may feel beyond your scope of expertise? Receive the strategic guidance to scale your business faster and achieve your vision sooner with the help of our CFO services. 

The expert accountant

Hiring a CFO is an investment in the protection of your company profits and growth. The CFO role is of such critical importance, it can mean the difference between making a profit or incurring a loss. Ensure your company avoids risk!

CFO Can Make A Difference Between Profit And Loss

Full Strategic financial support

Cfo Provide Financial Analyses

We can do it for you

  • Strategic and financial planning
  • Provide high level financial analyses
  • Develop accounting policies and procedures
  • Establish lines of credit or loans
  • Establish performance metrics
  • Identify efficiencies and process improvements
  • Guide company’s budgeting process
  • Review of financial statements
  • Month-end close:  review financial statements and make all ledger adjustments

CFO Services

Hiring the CFO is an investment in the protection of company profits. The CFO role is of such critical importance that it can mean the difference between making a profit or a loss and ensuring your company avoids risk.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Financial Statements

Building financial confidence starts with understanding your financial position. Financial Clarity. Expert Advice. Better Decisions.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services


Our CFO will take a magnifying glass to your numbers and examine costs to give you the information you need to make better decisions.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services


Our CFO services give you the critical forward planning and the financial analytics you need to grow your business. We are experts in your industry.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Month End

The proper month end procedures will ensure accurate records and are essential to effective fiscal governance. Before you can fix a problem, you first have to recognize it.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Budget/Cash Flow

By building a budget and cash flow statement you gain insight to real costs to make real-time adjustment and decisions. Inadequate cash flow is one of the main reasons businesses fail.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Tax Compliance

Making sure your company stays in compliance with government regulations and adheres to tax statues minimizing exposure to financial penalties.

CPA | CFO | BOOKKEEPER - Which do I need?

Unsure whether to hire a CPA or CFO or a Bookkeeper? Here’s the difference between the three.


  • Preparation of corporate taxes
  • Tax planning
  • Sale of business / retirement
  • Income tax review
  • Preparation of asset and depreciation schedules


  • Prepares company financial statement
  • Analyzes cost of operations: assess risks and implements controls
  • Prepares adjusting entries for month end
  • Drives strategy by aiding business owner in understanding the impact of financial decisions
  • Prepares monthly, quarterly, annual internal tax filings


  • Records financial transactions
  • Completes payroll
  • Produces invoices
  • Pays bills
  • Maintains and reconciles general ledgers and historical accounts

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Hiring a CFO sounds like it would cost a lot of money. Is it?

You need a CFO to do critical forward planning. They are the only person who will understand the economics of the business. That is why we recommend outsourcing a CFO.

Why can't my bookkeeper do the job?

Because a bookkeeper does not supply measurable information. With a CFO you receive all of the benefits of an experienced professional when you need it.

If I have CFO, do I need a CPA?

The two roles are very different but not mutually exclusive. A CPA is more tax focused while a CFO is more focused on long term strategy.

I am trying to get a loan but my bank said I need my financial statements in order. I don't know what that means?

Your financial statements are a barometer of both past and future business success. If these reports are not up-to-date and auditable, the banks may not approve your loan or give you less than you need.

I really like dealing with one person, is that what I can expect?

Yes, you have one dedicated person that will service your account with the personal service you want.

Do you offer business planning?

Yes. We can prepare cash flow statements, 5 year plans, and bookkeeping procedural manuals.

How long does onboarding take?

It can take 60-90 days to optimize your accounting system and customize your reporting package . 60-90 days is the “steady state,” but you will start seeing value right away.

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