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Why companies like yours choose The Expert Accountant

The Expert Accountant | Bookkeeping Services

Unmatched accuracy

We recognize that accurate, well-organized financial information is critical to your corporate financial health. Using our certified Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisors  you will receive a comprehensive financial picture of your organization.

The Expert Accountant | Expert Support

Expert support and partnership

Get a finance expert dedicated to your business bookkeeping. Beyond managing your books and taxes, we help you select the right payroll provider, offer financial best practices, and more.

The Expert Accountant | CPA Services

Built for growing businesses

Our CFO services give you the critical forward planning and the financial analytics you need to grow your business. We know your industry. We can integrate your accounting software with hundreds of apps.

The Expert Accountant | Tax Preparation

Full service tax prep and financial support

Beyond bookkeeping, we're here for your growing financial needs. With Tax or CFO Services, we support everything from business start-ups to income tax preparation.

Financial Business Classes Available for 2024


Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity – these are just a few of the things our customers are saying about us.

The Accounting Emergency

CHALLENGE: A non-profit came to The Expert Accountant after their  District Manager passed away unexpectedly taking all her accounting knowledge with her. No one had access to or knew how to run the financial piece of their business.

Flanders Northampton Ambulance

Board of Directors

The Expert Accountant had us up and running within a short time and our business was able to continue uninterrupted.

The Expert Accountant | Accounting Emergency
The Expert Accountant | Cash Flow

The Cash Flow Crisis

CHALLENGE: A new business came to The Expert Accountant with no financial process in place resulting in a cash flow crisis. Measures were taken to ensure a process was followed. 

Digital Provisions


The Expert Accountant is an excellent asset for any sized business. She helped to streamline our financial processes and increase our cash flow.

The Busy Business Owner

CHALLENGE: A busy landscape and nursery owner was overwhelmed with day-to-day operations. Only being in business a short time, we provided expert advice on how to set up accounting systems and organize their business allowing the owner to work in the field – his passion. 

Rozet Nursery


The Expert Accountant has helped our business so much being flexible, accessible, timely, and very knowledgeable.

The Expert Accountant | Busy Business Owner
The Expert Accountant | Intimidated Business Owner

The Intimidated Business Owner

CHALLENGE: This service based business owner had been through multiple accountants. The owner experienced slow responses, high prices, and inaccurate sales tax payments. Additionally, she didn’t know the right questions to ask because accounting, in general, intimidated her.

Computer Philes


The Expert Accountant corrected the many problems that past accountants had left me. Every week, they manage my books with accuracy, file my sales tax reports on time, and taught me how to read a financial statement.

The Late Filer

CHALLENGE: Many business owners have come to The Expert Accountant with a similar dilemma … the deadline to file their tax return has come and gone … in some cases years! We begin by investigating supporting documentation. The later the filing, the more challenging it is to find. We prepare the taxes and negotiate with the IRS on behalf of the client to get the best tax results possible.

FDC Security


Every year we filed our taxes late, had no current financial data that was up to date. Just plain bad accounting. Within 3 months, The Expert Accountant had all of our past years QuickBooks up to date and closed out. We filed our taxes on time. My financial reporting is always current. Now our tax filings are always on time. Just the way it should be.

The Expert Accountant: a testimonial from a client who was always a late tax filer

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